Hire a Storyteller

How to hire a Storyteller

In order to have storytelling, we must, of course, have storytellers. Storytellers are the carriers of the flame, those entrusted with the magic of story who bring that magic to life for an audience. Below is a link to a directory of MO-TELL storytellers. We hope you will consider them the next time you are looking for a storyteller.

Please remember that every storyteller is unique in style and repertoire. Storytellers generally tailor their programs to fit their audience and many use different styles for different types of listeners. It is very important that you be specific in communicating who the audience will be, what type of program you are looking for, whether there are any types of stories you do not want included in the performance, and information about the performance venue (outside, inside, sound system, etc.) to be sure you chose the right storyteller for your event. You may want to ask the storyteller specific questions, such as what type of audience he or she most enjoys.

This list is provided as a service to storytellers and those seeking storytellers, for adults and/or children. It is in no way exclusive nor is it an endorsement of particular tellers. All entries are members of Missouri Storytelling Inc.