Welcome to MO-TELL

Storytelling-and story tellers-have been educating, illuminating, inspiring and entertaining humankind since the beginning of time. Every continent, country, kingdom, state, city, and village has had its storytellers who pass on their cultures' history, wisdom and dreams.

In Missouri, MO-TELL was founded in 1987 to continue and expand this tradition of sharing stories, face to face. Our Mission is to "Spread the joy and art of storytelling throughout the state of Missouri."

We spread the "joy" of storytelling by sponsoring storytelling festivals and concerts, and providing storytellers at various outreach locations.

We spread the "art" of story telling through top quality workshops. MO-TELL aslo provides support for storytelling events sponsored by the various local storytelling organizations throughout the state.

For more information, look around our site, or contact Karen Potts, 3136 LaBaron Lane, St. Charles, MO 63303